Local Honey
Produced in Omaha 
$22 Regular; $25 Raw

Dark to light colors available (different flowers produce different colors and flavors of honey)
Call or text for availability! 

Raw honey available (honey pressed from honey comb, lightly strained, bottled and no other processing) and honey gently heated only enough to melt honey comb (will crystalize less).


Fruit of Levine Lip Balm

Contains only two ingredients:  Oil and Beeswax.
You choose between Almond Oil or Olive Oil.

Great for sensitive skin.  Can also double as a skin moisturizer.

$3.50 each

At this time, order either by phone or the Contact Us page to order.


All Natural Beeswax

$8.50 per LB



$14.00 per clamshell container